Party & Event FAQs

Q: I've never painted or made anything before and I'm not very creative. Is this for me?
A: You don't need ANY experience to create with me! I walk you through each project step-by-step, and if you need extra help I'm there to assist. Most of our projects also include a traced pattern or stencils, which takes away the stress of having to freehand anything! I want you to have fun and relax and not make this about perfection - I think you will be amazed and happy with the results!

Q: Can I BYOB & food to your events?
A: For events I am hosting at restaurants you will need to purchase any drinks & food from them. If you are hosting a private party in your home you can have whatever you like - but you do NOT need alcohol to enjoy painting! 🙂

Q: What is the cost of your events?
A: Prices usually range from $25-30 a person and depend on the canvas size and design. Some more complicated designs take longer & are $35-40 a person. All prices are noted in the individual event descriptions. Pricing is also noted on the Private Party page as well as next to each image in the Designs gallery. Pricing is subject to change.

Q: How long are your classes?
A: This will depend on the project chosen, but we normally schedule 3 hours for our classes & parties. This does not include set up and clean up time. You can see estimated times next to each image in the Designs gallery. Time can vary depending on how fast those in the class work - we try to keep things flowing as much as possible. However, please be respectful of the artist's time. If painting time extends beyond the scheduled time frame there will be an additional charge of $5 per person per hour (rounded up).

Q: What do you provide?
A: We will provide all supplies needed to complete your chosen project (plastic tablecloths, table top easels, canvases, paints, paint brushes, paper towels, paper plates, painting aprons, any instruction needed, and the set up and clean up of the project area. We also have two 9'x12' drop cloths available if requested in advance. (We are not responsible for food clean up.) If your guests will be staying after painting for more activities, please take them away from the painting area in order to give the artist space to clean up.

Q: What does the host(ess) need to provide for private parties?
A: The host(ess) is responsible for providing the space, with enough tables & chairs to accommodate their guests. Our easels sit on top of tables. The host(ess) will also be in charge of any food or beverages & their clean up. If you choose a public location it is your responsibility to work closely with that location to schedule a date and time as well as pay whatever cost there is to reserve that spot for your party. It is YOUR responsibility to adhere to ALL the guidelines and requirements put in place to protect that facility from destruction. We are not liable for any damages done to the facility during your time booked at that location. If your guests will be staying after painting for more activities, please take them away from the painting area in order to give the artist space to clean up.

Q: What is your minimum number of guests for a private party? Maximum?
A: I require at least 6 guests. You can also pay the equivalent of 6 seats to still have a party with less people. Please contact me if you have a very large group.

Q: Do you also offer children's events & parties?
A: I do not offer children's parties anymore. My events are meant for ages 12+.

Q: Can I bring my child/friend/spouse who isn't painting?
A: Anyone who comes to our events needs to have a paid seat, as this causes a huge distraction to the class. Our classes are for ages 12+. Please be responsible & do not bring your child & place him/her at a table next to us at our restaurant events. You will not be able to properly supervise them while you paint, and children have a very short attention span for sitting quietly & waiting for the class to end. Please also do not drink alcohol at our classes if you have underage pre-teens/teenagers in your care. Any children under the age of 12 should have other arrangements made for their care while you enjoy your time painting!

Q: Do you take photos?
A: Yes, by attending one of our events or parties you are agreeing that we are able to take photos of you &/or your children and are able to post them to social media or use them for advertising. (We will not use names without permission.) If you are hosting a private party, it is your responsibility to get the permission of others attending.

Q: Do you offer couples options?
A: Many of the designs I offer can be modified into a two-canvas design. Please contact me to inquire about the design you are interested in! I do occasionally offer scheduled events with couples options.

Q: Can you customize a design or create a completely custom one for me?
A: Most of our paintings can accommodate color changes easily. To modify a current painting design beyond color changes there is a fee of $25 if a pattern change is needed, and for a custom painting design I charge a fee of $50.

Q: Do you do fundraisers?
A: I do sometimes do fundraising events for official non-profits. Please contact me for details!

Q: I changed my mind/can't make it anymore. Can I get a refund?
A: For my classes: Please contact us at least 24 hrs in advance if you are unable to make your reserved class. If you cancel at least 24 hours before the class date/time you will receive an account credit you can use for another class. Canceling within less than 24 hrs will result in forfeiting your class fee.
For private parties: Your deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel more than 48 hours in advance, the deposit (along with any other portion of payment made so far) can be applied to another date. No refunds will be given. Canceling within 48 hours of the event will result in a forfeit of the full amount. If a guest has paid & cancels, you can find someone to replace their spot - this will need to be facilitated by you or the guest who is giving up their seat that has already paid.
(The Color Break understands that sometimes extenuating circumstances happen & will handle those on a case-by-case basis.)

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

~ Pablo Picasso